We all want to make some kind of impact or difference deep down, but the problem is doing so is difficult, confusing, and disconcerting. Jesus shows through an incredible act of service, before His greatest act of sacrifice, what it looks like to make a difference. He washes His disciples feet. He serves them. Jesus calls each of us to do the same. What could my life look like if I began to follow His example? If I pursued serving others, over serving my own interests and comforts?

Scriptures: John 13:1-17

Keywords: Serve, Jesus, Feet, Washing, Difference, Help, Love, Servant, Sacrifice




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In the Lord's Prayer, Jesus offers us the model for the full and total restoration of friendship with God. He reminds us that forgiveness is a possibility with the one we pray to as our Father.

Scriptures: Matthew 6:9-13

Keywords: prayer, forgiveness, confession, sin, grace

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This week we prepare our hearts for Easter by looking at how Jesus comes to the cross as a king - but a different kind of king than people would have expected.  

Scriptures: John 12:12-16

Keywords: Palm Sunday, Easter, Jesus, Resurrection, John 12
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