Behind The Music Series Worship is more than emotion, singing, or a service we attend. Worship is a response. Join Michael Bayne as he processes how our perspective of God determines our response to God.

Scriptures: Psalm 66, John 1:15-18

Keywords: Honesty, Feelings, Needs, Suffering, Trust

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Dr. Kent Hughes  will look at David's Psalm and expose the pain behind the music of our lives and the open door we have with God to be honest and open about our suffering.

Scriptures: Psalm 143

Keywords: Honesty, Feelings, Needs, Suffering, Trust

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God's forgiveness and His grace are amazing, but have there been times in your life where you begin to wonder if your choices and circumstances may disqualify you from God's grace? Join Brandon Reed as he unpacks the story behind the music from Psalm 51 and reveals the truth that your sin doesn't change God's unfailing love. 

Scriptures: Psalm 51 ; 2 Samuel 11

Keywords: Grace; Love; Truth; Gospel; David; Bathsheba; Sin; Mistakes; Brokenness

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Who we are privately always shapes the choices we make publicly. Join Michael Bayne as he goes behind the music to unpack Psalm 63.

Scriptures: Psalm 63

Keywords: Faith, Growth, Struggle, Discipleship, Integrity

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