Before Jesus returns to heaven, he promises to send the Holy Spirit to help us continue in our faith. In this sermon, we look at how the Holy Spirit helps us believe in God’s work and promises, and how we can create space to experience this help in our everyday lives.

Key Verses: Romans 5:1-5

Key Words: the Holy Spirit, promises of God, belief,

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When we step into life on God’s terms, he calls us to live differently — but not entirely. In this sermon, we explore how a Christian faith leaves us, in many ways, the same as everyone else, while at the same also leaving us profoundly different than those around us.

Key Verses: John 2:1-11

Key Words: difference, grace, mercy, spiritual identity, spiritual formation

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Praising God fulfills the purpose for which we were put on this earth, and yet it can be really challenging at times. In this sermon, we look at the last chapter in the book of Psalms to gain a deeper understanding of what praising the Lord looks like and how it can enrich our lives. 

Key Verses: Psalm 150

Key Words: praise, hallelujah, God’s character, worship

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One of the marks of real spiritual growth is an increasing awareness of our weaknesses. In this sermon, we look at the reality of our weaknesses, why God allows them in our lives, and how he calls us to live with them.

Key Verses: Ezekiel 34:11-16

Key Words: weakness, spiritual growth, grace, compassion

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