As the story of Esther ends, we see evil destroyed and peace instituted. In this sermon, we see how the Esther’s ending of peace points to the greater ending we all long for — when God will right every wrong and restore everything that is broken. 
Key Verses: Esther 10: 1-3 

Key Words: peace, hope, future, heaven, goodness

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As the story of the Jews in the book of Esther continues, we see a spontaneous celebration of relief, commemorating a month of reversals. They begin to see their survival of life together during extraordinary circumstances worthy of being celebrated as a joyous gift. We also are challenged to live a life of celebration for what God has done in our lives. Letting moments of celebration bring us renewed focus and joy for the everyday parts of our lives. 

Key Verses: Esther 9:20-22 

Key Words: celebration, joy, community, perspective

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One of the most important aspects of life with God is the art of perseverance. In this sermon, we look at the nature of our often difficult lives and how to persevere through them, with hope.
Key Verses: Esther 8:3-8 

Key Words: hope, endurance, perseverance, long-suffering, joy, grace


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As we follow the story of Esther, we repeatedly see how God calls his followers to obedience. In this sermon, we explore why obedience matters and how it can lead to blessings in our lives.

Key Verses: Esther 6:1-11

Key Words: obedience, surrender, spiritual growth, blessings, feelings


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It is impossible to separate life with the living God and surrender. In this sermon, we see how Esther surrendered to God’s invitation for her life, and how her surrender brought her real freedom and power.
Key Verses: Esther 4:12-17

Key Words: Esther, surrender, obedience, holiness, sacrifice

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