There is nothing that poses more of a threat to the good life that Jesus offers us than pride. In this sermon, we look at a conversation between Jesus and two of his disciples and learn about humility from the One Who embodies it fully.

Key Verses: Mark 10:35-45

Key Words: humility, Jesus, serving others, greatness

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Jesus tells us to “strive" to enter into life with him. In this sermon, we look at the role of effort in our spiritual growth — what it does, what it doesn’t do, and how we can know if we are on the right track when we do it.

Key Verses: Luke 13:22-30

Key Words: growth, effort, trying, spiritual formation, grace   

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Compassion is the fruit of genuine empathy whereby we attempt to alleviate the suffering of those around us. We can only create this community of compassion because of the mercy and love shown to us in the person of Jesus. He is our great gift of compassion and, simultaneously, our most outstanding example.

Key Verses: Luke 7:11-17

Key Words: compassion, kingdom, empathy, judgmental, community   

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Jesus makes us a remarkable promise: we can experience great joy in him. In this sermon, we look at the importance of joy and how it can come to us through our everyday lives.

Key Verses: John 15-1-11

Key Words: joy, hope, happiness, growth   

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Jesus tells us that part of living a good life must include radical generosity. In this sermon, we see how living a generous life means more than just giving away our money, and how being generous opens us up to receive the Kingdom of God.

Key Verses: Mark 10:17-31

Key Words: giving, generosity, freedom, spiritual growth, wealth  

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