Some said Jesus was a king.  Others said he was a liar.  What everyone said was that he was not the king the people expected.

Scriptures:  Matthew 21:1-15, Luke 19:39-44, Philippians 2:6-12

Keywords:  King, Savior, Jesus, Lord, Triumphant Entry, Crowns, Submission

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Michael Bayne talks about how the when we open our lives up to Scripture it always calls us to action. really matters.

Scriptures:  2 Kings 22-23

Keywords:  Bible, Truth, Change

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Solomon was a guy who had it all, did it all, was loved by all, but lost it all as he believed the empty promises of idols. Join us this week as Brandon Reed opens the story of Solomon to look at how recognizing the empty promises of the allures of our world and culture begins with recognizing what really matters.

Scriptures:  1 Kings 1-11; Ecclesiastes 2:8-11

Keywords:  Solomon, idols, money, acceptance, approval, family

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Sometimes it is better not to do anything than to do something with limited effort.  The ancient King Amaziah had a habit of not seeing things through.  The legacy he left seems to reflect his lack of commitment and teaches us a great life lesson. 

Scriptures:  2 Kings 14:1-12

Keywords:  Commitment, Loyalty, Faithfulness, Amaziah, Kings

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Doing what's right doesn't always feel right, and many times when you do what's right, it won't make sense to everyone else. Ben Reed looks at the callings of Elijah and Elisha to help us understand what God may be calling us to do.

Scriptures:  1 Kings 16, 1 Kings 19

Keywords:  Faith, Eijah, Elisha, Kings, Ahab, Calling

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