In many ways, we are familiar with how Jesus lived, what he said, and the fact that he died on a cross.  In this sermon, we see the real work behind all of these things that Jesus was doing, and still does for us today.

Key Verses: Colossians 1:15-23

Key Words: Jesus, creation, incarnation, reconciled

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In Paul’s letter to the Colossians, he begins his address with a prayer for maturity and growth. In this sermon, we look at how we become mature under God’s love and care.

Scriptures: Colossians 1:1-14
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Paul’s words in Ephesians help us realize who and what, as children of God, we are and are called to be. All in the Family of God are called to love each other, pray for each other, and grow together in wisdom.
Scriptures: Ephesians 1:1-23
Keywords: family, community, Father, Ephesians
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Through his teachings, Jesus is trying to lead his followers to joy. In this sermon, we look at the Beatitudes can help us find true and lasting happiness.

Scriptures: Matthew 5:1-12
Keywords: joy, happiness, rejoicing, heaven
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Jesus makes the startling claim that those who suffer persecution are near to God. In this sermon, we see how we can find God in the midst of being treated unfairly, and how to endure for the sake of the Kingdom.

Scriptures: Matthew 5:1-12
Keywords: persecution, suffering, pain, injustice, kingdom of heaven
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God gives us his peace through Jesus so that we might become “peacemakers” to those around us. In this sermon, we see what God’s peace fully means and how it can move our hearts to pursue peace in our world.

Scriptures: Matthew 5:1-12
Keywords: peace, reconciliation, forgiveness, adoption 
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Jesus proclaims that the flourishing life of His kingdom is for those with pure hearts. The good news of the Gospel is that he offers his purity in place of our own impure motives and actions.

Scriptures: Matthew 5:1-12
Keywords: beatitudes, purity, heart, obedience, sincerity
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Jesus tells us that life with God centers around mercy. In this sermon, we look at what mercy is and how God’s mercy towards us leads us to show mercy towards others.

Scriptures: Matthew 5:1-12
Keywords: mercy, grace, love, compassion, forgiveness, beatitudes
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What will give us a happy life? In this sermon, we see that
true happiness only comes when we seek after God and
his righteousness.
Scriptures: Matthew 5:1-12
Keywords: righteousness, holiness, beatitudes, happiness
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The meek are those that do not assert themselves to further their own agendas in their own strength, but who will nonetheless inherit the earth because they trust in God to direct the outcome of events.

Scriptures: Matthew 5:1-12
Keywords: beatitudes, meek, tender, gentle, humble, 
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Too often, life either gives us what we don’t want or does not give us what we most want. In this sermon, we see how mourning our reality can lead us to a deeper relationship with Jesus. 
Scriptures: Matthew 5:1-12
Keywords: grief, sadness, despair, mourning, comfort, hope
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This summer, we will walk through some of Jesus’ most famous sayings — the Beatitudes. In this sermon, we see how having a poor spirit helps us receive God’s power and mercy.

Scriptures: Matthew 5:1-12
Keywords: beatitudes, sermon on the mount, discipleship, trust, poor in spirit, mercy, poverty
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In the book of Revelation, John gives us a hope-filled vision of where our world is headed. In this sermon, we look at how this vision can help us endure through our current times and situations.
Scriptures: Revelation 1:4-8

Keywords: revelation, end of the world, end times, new heavens and new earth, hope
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Too often we picture God as a divine authority who is cold and removed from our lives, and is most concerned with correcting us. In this sermon, we see that God has something that lies underneath his authority and motivates all of his actions towards us: tenderness.

Scriptures: Luke 15:1-2, 11-24
Keywords: father, love of God, tenderness, Luke 15, prodigal son, mercy, grace
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Paul’s prayer for the church at Colossae is a prayer for those Christians to grow in their knowledge of God’s Will, to walk in a manner that pleases God, and to begin to reflect the character of God as they begin to know him better. 
Scriptures: Colossians 1:9-14
Keywords: prayer, knowledge, obedience, character, heart
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The events of the last two weeks have brought many of us to places of sadness, anger, confusion, and reflection. In this sermon, we will look at the reality of racism in our country and explore some possible steps we can take to confront this injustice.
Scriptures: Ephesians 5:1-2, 8-10
Keywords: racism, injustice, the Good Samaritan, forgiveness, grace
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While Jesus lived on this earth, he constantly pointed his followers to eternity. In this sermon, we see the importance of remembering that we were created for a life beyond this one and the comfort that this truth can bring.

Scriptures: John 17:1-5

Keywords: hope, life, eternity, heaven, hell, judgment, grace


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Right now we are all experiencing something, not only physically, but spiritually. We’re all experiencing trials. Trials are test to our lives and faith and when trials come so do heavy emotions, emotions like sorrow. In the midst of our sorrow we lose sight of God and the joy He brings. So how do we see and respond to God as we go through the sorrow that comes from our trials? How do we turn sorrow to joy?

Scriptures: John 16:16-24

Keywords: Joy, Sorrow, Trials, John

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Jesus gives us a great invitation — that, through him, we can be friends with God. In this sermon, we look at why friendship with God is important and how we can experience it in our lives today.

Scriptures: John 15:12-17

Keywords: friendship, peace, security, assurance, obedience, love

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Jesus tells us that pain can be a sign of God’s pruning work in our lives. In this sermon, we learn how to endure through our pain — by putting our lives under and in the love of God.

Scriptures: John 15:1-11

Keywords: pain, pruning, abiding, love, joy, hope

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Jesus offers us a gift of peace, even in the midst of troubled times. In this sermon, we look at what the peace of God actually means and how we can see it grow in our hearts today.

Scriptures: John 14:27-31

Keywords: peace, calm, serenity, trouble, anxiety, fear, worry, 

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The gift promised to us by the Father, at the special request of Jesus, is to receive the comforting nature of Jesus in the person of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is promised to be with us forever and will never leave us alone in the world. 

Scriptures: John 14:15-26

Keywords: comforter, peace, truth, spirit, trinity, Holy Spirit, helper

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When uncertainty surrounds us, Jesus tells us “Don’t let your hearts become troubled." In this sermon, we look at how we can experience peace in the midst of anxiety and disappointment.

Scriptures: John 14:1-7

Keywords: anxiety, depression, worry, fear, peace, hope,        grace, surrender

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As we celebrate this Easter season, we look at the well-known story of Jesus’ death and resurrection as a tragedy, a silence, and a gift.
Scriptures: Luke 24:1-9

Keywords: Easter, Luke, resurrection, hope, new life, grace


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As we end our series on Job, we see that God finally reveals himself to Job. In this sermon, we look at how this revelation humbles Job and ultimately transforms him into someone that knows God in profound ways.

Scriptures: Job 42:1-6

Keywords: holiness, suffering, pain, evil, faith, hope

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When suffering strikes us, it almost always leaves us feeling lonely and alone. In this sermon, we see how God can use our loneliness to move us closer to him.

Scriptures: Job 19:8-19

Keywords: suffering, sadness, loneliness, pain, grief, hope

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So often in the midst of suffering, we naturally rely on our own attempts to relieve the pain and discomfort only to discover that it doesn’t work.

Scriptures: Job 16:1-8

Keywords: Pain, Suffering, Dreams, Pleasure, Escape, Avoidance, Numbing, Childlike, Greatest dream

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When we encounter suffering, the first thing we usually question is God’s goodness. In this sermon, we we look at how we can believe in a good God in the midst of our pain.

Scriptures: Job 10:1-8

Keywords: suffering, pain, loss, goodness, sovereignty, Job, hope

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Suffering often leaves us with feelings of depression and anxiety. In this sermon, we look at why suffering causes these two emotions and how we can find hope in their midst.

Scriptures: Job 6:1-7, 7:1-6

Keywords: suffering, pain, sadness, depression, anxiety, hope, Job

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As we begin our series on Job, we look at why suffering exists in our world and, more importantly, how we face it when it comes near to us in painful and personal ways.
Scriptures: Job 3:20-26

Keywords: suffering, pain, disappointment, trials, tribulation, Job, peace, assurance


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We love to gather at certain places, football games, our favorite restaurant, an incredible theme park, but when it comes to gathering at the most fulfilling place on earth, the church, we tend to struggle. We often don’t see the value or feel like we have to out of obligation. But what if we approached our fellowship on Sunday’s with the same motivation that the first Christians in the early church did? How might that change our heart, lives, faith, and world?

Scriptures: Acts 2:44-47

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In my mission to follow Christ, I will be asked by God to deny myself through both temporary inconveniences that help me draw close to Him, and through permanent practices that help move me towards service to others. Letting these rhythms of self-denial challenge my own sense of entitlement and preferences is a fight worth fighting for; because it is through these challenges, that I can find joy and freedom in following Christ.
Scriptures: Mark 8:34-38

Keywords: service, sacrifice, self-denial, fasting, preferences



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We are never more like God than when we're generous. In this sermon, we look at how we can become more generous in light of God’s generosity to us.
Scriptures: Acts 20:32-35
Keywords: giving, generosity, money, service, forgiveness,
spiritual growth



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Every human heart was created to worship. In this sermon, we see why God asks for our worship and how he changes us when we put him at the center of our existence and meaning.
Scriptures: Revelation 22:1-5

Keywords: worship, singing, sacrifice, spiritual growth


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One of the rhythms of grace God offers us is really difficult, Community. Community doesn’t sound too difficult, but those of us who have lived long enough know that community is hard to be a part of. Many of us would rather exclude ourselves from community instead of embrace it, but believe it or not we were made for community. But why? And how do we embrace it?

Scriptures: 1 Corinthians 12:14-26

Keywords: community, rhythm, Grace, habit, vulnerability, Paul, 1 Corinthians, body, image, give, grow



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Pulling away to be alone with God has the power to change us like nothing else. In this sermon, we look at the rhythm of solitude and why we need to practice it regularly.

Scriptures: Luke 5:12-16

Keywords: solitude, alone, silence, stillness, prayer, spiritual formation


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The Bible is central to our growth with God. Too often, however, we avoid reading it. In this sermon, we will look at what the Bible actually is, why we need to understand it, and how can better practice the rhythm of reading it.

Scriptures: Luke 4:1-13

Keywords: spiritual formation, growth, bible, word, story

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How do we make real progress in our relationship with God? As we begin our new series on spiritual growth, we look at how prayer is the foundational practice by which we come to know God,
and ourselves.
Scriptures: Romans 12:9-21

Keywords: prayer, spiritual growth, disciplines, rhythms, knowing God


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