In chapter 4 of Esther, we begin to see how Mordecai and Esther will respond to the impending genocide of the Jewish people. Their conversations and actions reveal a reliance upon the sovereignty of God that is drastically different from the self-reliance that the King and Haman have shown in the earlier chapters of the book.

Key Verses: Esther 4:4-14

Key Words: sovereignty, humility, prayer, hope, Mordecai, Esther




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In chapter 3 of Esther, the main action begins to happen, as a sinister plot to destroy the entire nation of captive Jews becomes a reality. The beginnings of this planned genocide start in the angry heart of one who chooses authority and vanity over vulnerability and restraint. Our everyday anger is easily reflected in the brutal nature of Haman, our villain in the story of Esther.

Key Verses: Esther 3:1-6

Key Words: anger, intimacy, selfishness, restraint

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The book of Esther provides us a glimpse of both God’s providential and sovereign hand over the Jews and the willingness of a heroic woman like Esther to participate in his grand plan. Looking at the beginning of this epic story, we see our own lives in the response of the King to his limits of power over his own family and kingdom. 

Key Verses: Esther 1:1-12

Key Words: power, pride, anger, revenge, humility

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Jesus invites people to follow Him even when their imperfections and failures keep them from following perfectly. In this sermon, we look at two interactions between Jesus and Peter to gain a deeper understanding of Jesus’ motivation for inviting people to follow Him and what that means for us.

Key Verses: John 21:1-21

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