In one of the few stories that we have about Jesus before he begins his public ministry, we see him running away from his parents and spending time in the Temple.  More than a lesson in obedience to his parents, this story shows us one of the foundations of Jesus' life: worship.  Join Adam Dressler as he concludes this series by exploring what true worship actually is and why all of us need to practice it.

Scriptures:  Luke 2:41-52

Keywords: idolatry, jesus, luke, the, way, worship

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Why should we try to live a good life?  Why should we try to make better decisions,  and become better people?  Before Jesus begins his public ministry, he does this very curious thing: he asks John the Baptist to baptize him.  Join Adam Dressler as he explores how our pursuit of a better life and Jesus' baptism are connected in deeply important ways.

Scriptures:  Matthew 3:13-17

Keywords: Obedience, baptism, Jesus, spiritual growth, Matthew 3

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Jesus begins his public ministry by fasting – denying himself food.  Throughout his life, he intentionally said “no” to many things – especially celebrity status – so he could please his Heavenly Father.  Join Michael Bayne as he unpacks how Jesus connected with God through the art saying no so he could say yes to God.

Scriptures: Matthew 4:1-11

Keywords: fasting, denial, testing, growth, waiting, patience

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