What does it mean to pray with faith?  In this sermon we see that how we pray is ultimately an expression of how we see God.

Scriptures: Matthew 21:18-22
Keywords: prayer, faith, hope, spiritual disciplines 
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The temptation to worry is all around us.  In this sermon, we look at how faith intersects with worry and can lead us to a life of surrender and trust.

Scriptures: Matthew 8:5-13
Keywords: faith, worry, anxiety, control, trust, surrender
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If we are saved by faith alone, why do good works matter?  In this sermon, we see how a living faith should lead us to faithful living.

Scriptures: James 2:14-26

Keywords: faith, works, growth, James, belief

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Paul writes that our spiritual lives should be marked by three things: faith, hope, and love.  In this sermon, we begin a news series on faith as we explore what it means to "live by faith."

Scriptures: Romans 1:16,17, Hebrews 11:1-16

Keywords: salvation, faith, gospel, spiritual growth, Romans, Hebrews, 1 Corinthians

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