It's one things to follow Jesus personally but when we try to tell others about Jesus many times we back away from the challenge. Join Michael Bayne as he examines the reaction of the Samaritan Woman in John 4 to Jesus and how we can have her same courage to speak up about our faith to people around us on a daily basis.

Scriptures: John 4:1-42

Keywords: gospel, evangelism, share, connect, hope, reach, Jesus

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Imagine having a job but not having any idea of what you were supposed to do at that job! That is how many people feel about being a Christian. Join Dr. Mark Green as he helps us process how followers of Jesus can connect saving faith and obedient action.

Scriptures: Luke 14:25-35

Keywords: follow, obedience, Jesus, life, instruction, direction

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All families fight but it can be so confusing when families fight about faith. Join Michael Bayne as he processes how we should respond when our faith and the faith of our family are completely different.

Scriptures: Mark 6:1-6

Keywords: Family, Faith, Persecution, Disagreement, Connection

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Surprises always catch off guard and life is full of surprises. Join Michael Bayne as he helps us understand how we can shape our "knee jerk" reactions when life brings those constant surprises. 

Scriptures: Matthew 9

Keywords: React, Respond, Obey, Faith, Scripture

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