On what should have been a night of celebration, Jesus chose to have his most sobering conversation with His followers.  It became a defining moment for them.  And every time we remember that night, it has the power to become a defining moment for us.

Scriptures and Keywords:   Mark 14:13-26, Lord's Supper, Communion, Passover, Jesus, Crucifixion, Resurrection, Coventant, Judas

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We place price tags on things, people, and goals.  But what if God has a different pricing system?  What if God places great value on the things we label “cheap?”  And what if God labels “cheap” the things we value the most?

Scriptures and Keywords:   Mark 14:1-11, Value, Cost, Jesus, Alabaster, Serve, Passover

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What we see on the outside is not always what is most important in life. God wants to transform us from the inside out. Our next step might not be something anyone will see.

Scriptures and Keywords:   Mark 11:12-25, discipleship, faith, spiritual growth

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A key to developing a sincere, growing faith in Jesus is to discover what holds our heart more than Christ. Join Ron Edmondson as he looks at a familiar passage illustrating that point.

Scriptures and Keywords:   Mark 10:17-30, Jesus, Ruler, Jew, Royalty, Wealth, Rich, Faith

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Learning to trust Jesus is a daily process for the believer. Join Pastor Ron Edmondson as he discusses the struggle many of us have to trust a God in whom we say we have faith.

Scriptures and Keywords:   Mark 8:1-10, Jesus, Crowds, Multitudes, Feeding, Miracle, Trust, Faith

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