What is a “good" life? How do we become “good" people? As Moses faces his death, he shows us how to answer these two important questions in light of his long, steady, and deeply personal experience with God.

Scriptures: Deuteronomy 34:1-8

Keywords: Moses, Deuteronomy, legacy, death, spiritual growth, goodness

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Our spiritual maturity is often tested by our emotional response to the circumstances and people that provoke anger in our lives. From the life of Moses, and his experiences with God, we can see how anger and outrage can result in love and healing, and not lead us down the sinful path of self-destruction. 

Scriptures: Exodus 32:15-22

Keywords: anger, sin, covenant, atonement, righteousness

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After finding God through fantastic miracles, Moses now must find God through the management of his daily life. In this sermon, we will see how God meets Moses through an unlikely voice and offers him the help he truly needs.

Scriptures: Exodus 18:13-24

Keywords: Moses, Exodus, Jethro, daily life, spiritual growth, delegation, humility, surrender 

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After finally escaping from Egypt, Moses now must lead God’s people towards another trial: the Red Sea. In this sermon, we will look at how God meets us in our trials and uses them to work redemption into our lives.

Scriptures: Exodus 14:10-18, 21-22

Keywords: Moses, Exodus, trails, hope, suffering, patience, endurance

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