We love to gather at certain places, football games, our favorite restaurant, an incredible theme park, but when it comes to gathering at the most fulfilling place on earth, the church, we tend to struggle. We often don’t see the value or feel like we have to out of obligation. But what if we approached our fellowship on Sunday’s with the same motivation that the first Christians in the early church did? How might that change our heart, lives, faith, and world?

Scriptures: Acts 2:44-47

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In my mission to follow Christ, I will be asked by God to deny myself through both temporary inconveniences that help me draw close to Him, and through permanent practices that help move me towards service to others. Letting these rhythms of self-denial challenge my own sense of entitlement and preferences is a fight worth fighting for; because it is through these challenges, that I can find joy and freedom in following Christ.
Scriptures: Mark 8:34-38

Keywords: service, sacrifice, self-denial, fasting, preferences



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We are never more like God than when we're generous. In this sermon, we look at how we can become more generous in light of God’s generosity to us.
Scriptures: Acts 20:32-35
Keywords: giving, generosity, money, service, forgiveness,
spiritual growth



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Every human heart was created to worship. In this sermon, we see why God asks for our worship and how he changes us when we put him at the center of our existence and meaning.
Scriptures: Revelation 22:1-5

Keywords: worship, singing, sacrifice, spiritual growth


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