We all want to be successful - and to have others see us as successful.  In this sermon, we see how Jesus defines success and encourages us to place our truest identities in him.

Scriptures: Mark 9:33-37 

Keywords: Pride, humility, Jesus, Mark, success, greatness

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How do we make sense of Jesus?  In this sermon, we see that because Jesus is the Son of God and because he gives us a resurrection from the dead, we can trust him with our lives.

Scriptures: Mark 9:2-13 

Keywords: Jesus, Mark, transfiguration, Moses, Elijah, law, prophets, spiritual growth

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What does it really mean to follow Jesus? In this passage, Jesus tells us that it (at least) means we need to deny ourselves, take the lower places in life, and keep close to him.

Scriptures: Mark 8:31-28 

Keywords: Mark, Jesus, self-denial, discipleship, suffering, spiritual growth

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New Years Eve, one of the most hopeful days of the year. It’s a day where we take time to plan out our goals, dreams, and resolutions for the next year. But what if we were setting ourselves up to waste another year before it even began based on our resolutions, dreams, and goals? What should we truly be living for in 2018, to not only give us a year, but the beginning of a life, where we truly live?

Scriptures: Matthew 22:36-40

Keywords: New, Years, Eve, 2017, 2018, Matthew 22:36-40, Resolutions, Dreams, Goals, Living, Life, Love, Love God, Love people

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