When we encounter Jesus, he changes our lives.  But it doesn't end there.  This same Jesus calls us to share our story of change with those around us.

Scriptures: John 4:27-30, 39-42

Keywords: Evangelism, Faith, Testimony, Witness, John 4, Praxis, Mission
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Today we celebrate our first service in our new church home.

Scriptures: Ephesians 2:11-20

Keywords: Church, Building, Dedication Service, Next Ten
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Gathering together as a church is important and needed, but something more is needed for real, deep growth to happen in your life. This week we look at why everyone needs spiritual friendships in our lives.

Scriptures: Matthew 4:18-22, Matthew 28:16-20

Keywords: Spiritual friendship, spiritual growth, Praxis, Matthew, Discipleship, Church, Community
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Central to the life of a follower of Jesus is the idea and action of worship. This week we unpack what worship is and why we strive to help people worship each week.

Scriptures: 1 Chronicles 16:7-27

Keywords: worship, music, singing, scripture, Bible, silence, prayer, sacrifice
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Prayer is one of the most important practices in the life of a Christian.  This week we see how prayer matters not only in our own lives, but in the life of the church as well.

Scriptures: 2 Chronicles 7:11-16

Keywords: Prayer, Church, Praxis, Spiritual Growth, 2 Chronicles, Temple
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