We see in exceptional vividness the slowly changing life of the man born blind and instantly healed by Jesus. Beginning with only a limited understanding of Jesus he is led through questions and controversy to eventually outright rejection by those who are supposed to help. Finally, he is found by the good shepherd and his life is forever changed into one of belief.

Key Verses: John 9:1-41
Key Words: darkness, light, blindness, sight, salvation, belief
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God’s power to change our lives comes at just the right time. In this sermon, we explore how an invalid who had suffered for thirty-eight years found healing grace when he met Jesus — and how we can do the same.

Key Verses: John 5:1-8
Key Words: healing, power, grace, conversion, change

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Conversion is the heart of the Christian faith. But it is often varied in how it happens. In this sermon, we look at a hurting woman’s surprising conversion at a well and how Jesus can do the same thing in us today.

Key Verses: John 4: 7-15
Key Words: conversion, salvation, woman at the well, hope 
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God calls us to radical transformation that reorients our entire lives. In this sermon, we look at a conversation between Jesus and Nicodemus and learn what it means to be born again.
Key Verses: John 3:1-22
Key Words: new life, conversion, Jesus, hope, salvation 
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How are we supposed to view the Old Testament and its commandments now, after the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus? In this sermon, we will explore the role of the commandments in our lives today and how they ultimately point us to God’s great redemptive work in our lives.

Key Verses: Matthew 5:17-20
Key Words: Ten Commandments, Old Testament, Jesus, sermon on the mount, grace, spiritual growth, holiness 
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