How does God deal with his servants? How does he treat those who try to follow him? In the book of Genesis, we see a tremendous - and sometimes even troubling - example of how God interacts with one of his followers, Jacob. Join Michael Bayne as he kick’s off this series and looks at the moment Jacob’s life was changed forever through God’s blessing.

Scriptures: Genesis 27:18-29

Keywords:  Blessing, Deception, Sin, Salvation, Relationship

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In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus famously says that he has come into this world to give us rest.  What kind of rest is Jesus talking about?  How can we experience this rest in our everyday lives?  This weekend, Adam Dressler finishes up our series on rest by looking at this famous invitation and working through some practical implications for our lives today.

Scriptures:  Matthew 11:28-30

Keywords:  Rest, Jesus, Matthew, Work, Busy

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The Bible calls us to regularly make space in our lives for rest.  But too often we ignore this call and instead settle for a constant state of busy-ness.  What keeps us from regularly making rest a priority?  How can we change our attitude towards overworking, being busy, and ignoring the call to rest?  Join Adam Dressler this weekend as he continues our series on rest and explores these questions.

Scriptures:  Luke 10:38-42

Keywords:  Rest, Sabbath, Work, Luke, Busy

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Our lives are often filled with work to do, relationships to maintain, and lists to accomplish.  We then slowly move to accept busy-ness - and the exhaustion that comes from busy-ness - as normal.  But what if God called us to a different kind of life that wasn't just about being busy?  Join Adam Dressler as he explored God's gift to the busy life in the first week of our new series, Rest.

Scriptures:  Exodus 20:8-11

Keywords:  Rest, Ten, Commandments, Spiritual Disciplines, Sabbath

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What makes a Christian church different from other types of churches?  What makes a follower of Jesus different than a follower of another religion?  Acts 3 gives us a surprising and challenging answer.  Join Adam Dressler as he concludes our Roots series.

Scriptures:  Acts 3:1-10

Keywords:  Roots, Acts, Peter, Miracles, Spiritual Power

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