God created each of his followers differently, but as followers of Jesus we all have a common cause. The ONE cause that connects us all is living and telling the story of the Gospel. God invites all of his followers to tell the story of Jesus to people we connect with, and the good news is, God is going with us!

Scriptures:  Exodus 3, Acts 1:8

Keywords:  Story, Jesus, Gospel, Share, Evangelism, Dream

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There are many causes represented in each local church. Yet, there is one cause that unites us all. There is one that defines us:  life change.

Scriptures:  Acts 1:8-11, Acts 2:40-47, Lamentations 20:9

Keywords:  Church, Evangelism, Serving, Faith, Cause

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One person truly can make a difference.  What would the effect be if you began fighting for the cause that moves you?  Representatives from Mercy Ministries share the effect of a cause.

Scriptures:  Mark 6:41-44

Keywords:  Cause, Charity, World Changer, Service, Mercy Ministries

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We are all created to do more than support a cause.  We are to fight for a cause.  Yet finding that cause can be difficult.  Do you know the cause for which you have been created to fight?

Scriptures:  1 Samuel 17:1-51, Lamentations 2:11, Nehemiah 2:3

Keywords:  Cause, Passion, Experience, Gifts, Change, David, Goliath, Philistines

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Fighting for a cause is not a preference for some.  It is not even a gift.  It is how God designed us…all of us.

Scriptures:  Deuteronomy 10:18, Psalm 82:3, Isaiah 1:13-17, James 1:27

Keywords:  Cause, Protection, Justice, Fatherless, Widow, Orphan

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