Throughout Jesus’ life, he consistently redefines the nature of relationships and calls into something that can address the deepest needs of our hearts . In this sermon, we see how he specifically cares for two of his closest followers — Mary, his mother, and John, his beloved disciple — as he hangs on the cross.

Key Verses: John 19:23-27

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Throughout this series, we use the seven last words of Jesus to guide our hearts into reflection as we prepare to celebrate Easter. This week, we look at Jesus's conversation with the criminals crucified next to Him to understand better the promise and implications His words hold for our lives. 

Key Verses: Luke 23:39-43

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We are looking at the seven last words of Jesus and how they can guide us into reflection as we prepare to celebrate Easter. This week, we look at the forgiveness that Jesus offers us, and how he calls us to forgive others, as well.

Key Verses: Luke 23:32-38

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God calls us to live generously — but how? In this sermon we very practically explore what it means to set aside a portion of our resources to give away to God’s spiritual work in our earthly world.

Key Verses: 2 Corinthians 9:6-15

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