In our modern world, few things capture our hearts like wealth and money.  But what if chasing after wealth wasn't all that it promised to be?  Join Adam Dressler as we continue to explore the book of Ecclesiastes in our series, Chasing After God Knows What.

Scriptures:  Ecclesiastes 5:10-17, Matthew 6:19-21

Keywords:  Money, Wealth, Ecclesiastes, Sermon on the Mount

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For many of us, our work defines us.  We count on our jobs to give us meaning, significance, and purpose in our lives.  However, our work can also be filled with challenges and even dangers.  This weekend, join Adam Dressler as we explore what Ecclesiastes shows us about the potential glories and downfalls of our work.

Scriptures:  Ecclesiastes 2:18-26

Keywords:  Work, Ecclesiastes, Creation 

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Description: What does it mean to live a wise life?  How do we know that our lives will really add up to anything good?  Join Adam Dressler this weekend as we continue to explore the book of Ecclesiastes and its message for our lives today.

Scriptures: Ecclesiastes 2:11-17

Keywords: Wisdom, Foolishness, Ecclesiastes, Death

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We’re all chasing after something in our search for meaning and significance. Join Michael Bayne as he unpacks Ecclesiastes 2:1-11 to uncover the familiar target of pleasure that we all chase to find satisfaction in life.

Scriptures: Ecclesiastes 2:1-11 Psalm 34:8-9

Keywords: pleasure, money, power, stuff, satisfaction, meaning, Jesus, Ecclesiastes 

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Throughout our lives, we are on a search for meaning, significance, and happiness.  We often find ourselves feeling meaningless, insignificant, and unhappy.  How do we face these feelings and find true meaning for our lives?  As we begin this series, Adam Dressler will explore our search for life's meaning in the book of Ecclesiastes. 

Scriptures: Ecclesiastes 1:2-11

Keywords: Ecclesiastes, Searching, Meaning

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