The Fruits of the Spirit are our way of tuning our hearts towards seeing God at work, hearing from Him, and living more in the way He calls us to. The Fruit of the Spirit, patience, begins to lend our lives to being open to these fruits and being more present with God and His people. But how can we begin to walk in the Fruit of the Spirit patience? What might happen to our relationship with Christ and others if we embrace the fruit of patience in our lives?

Key Verses: Galatians 5:16-26

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Christians have a radical resource to face what seems impossible: the love of God. In this sermon, we look at how God’s promised love can carry us through death, which is the most impossible of problems, as well as through anything we might face before it.

Key Verses: 1 Corinthians 15:51-58

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God gives us the great promise to be with us, through the gift of his presence — but what does this actually mean? In this sermon, we look at what being the presence of God means, what it does not mean, and how we can experience it more often.
Key Verses: Judges 16:4-22
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Who is God, really? So often we think we know. But an important part of walking with God means making room for the parts that remain mysterious. In this sermon, we look at the reality of the mystery of God and how we can follow him, even when we cannot fully know him.
Key Verses: Job 38:1-18
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