Throughout this series, we are going through Biblical stories of people who experienced God in profound ways. This week, we look at Jacob, who wrestled with God and came away with a limp and a blessing. This unusual experience with God contains lessons for our lives today. 

Key Verses: Genesis 32:22-32

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Jesus made the astounding promise that we can be friends with God. One of the ways by which we come into friendship with God is to experience him — not only as someone in ancient stories, but also as someone who is alive, in our hearts, today. But how? In this sermon, we look at the one of the most famous experiences of God, Moses and the Burning Bush.

Key Verses: Exodus 3:1-6

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When Jesus dies rises from the grave, he is putting his love on full display — for us. In this sermon, we celebrate his resurrection by looking at his great love for us, what it means, and how it can change us in the deepest of ways.

Key Verses: Romans 5:6-11

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The last words Jesus says before he dies show us, thousands of years later something incredibly powerful — the culmination of a life that was grounded in the reality of God, his calling, and most importantly his love. In this sermon, we look at these last words of Jesus and explore how they can help us face our lives, and our deaths, with this same reality.

Key Verses: Luke 23:44-46

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As Jesus breathes his last, he shouts a cry of victory. His proclamation that “It is Finished!” is a joyful cry that will enable us to be made right with God. This victory is especially significant because it doesn’t need anything from us. We cannot add to it, earn it, or do anything additional. It is all grace; it is all finished.

Key Verses: John 19:28-30

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When we look at Jesus on the Cross, John gives us a surprising detail — Jesus asks for a drink because he is thirsty. In this sermon, we see how Jesus’ thirst shows us what it means to be in need, and how to find real meaning and hope in the midst of our neediness.

Key Verses: John 19:28-29

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As we continue to study the last words of Jesus on the cross, we look to words that Jesus utters as He is experiencing the greatest of His sufferings. Jesus’ cry towards God here is an expression of the internal suffering He is experiencing by taking on our sin, abandonment by God. We reflect today on this passage by looking at this suffering of Jesus and how it should impact our communion with God today.

Key Verses: Matthew 27:45-46

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Throughout Jesus’ life, he consistently redefines the nature of relationships and calls into something that can address the deepest needs of our hearts . In this sermon, we see how he specifically cares for two of his closest followers — Mary, his mother, and John, his beloved disciple — as he hangs on the cross.

Key Verses: John 19:23-27

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Throughout this series, we use the seven last words of Jesus to guide our hearts into reflection as we prepare to celebrate Easter. This week, we look at Jesus's conversation with the criminals crucified next to Him to understand better the promise and implications His words hold for our lives. 

Key Verses: Luke 23:39-43

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We are looking at the seven last words of Jesus and how they can guide us into reflection as we prepare to celebrate Easter. This week, we look at the forgiveness that Jesus offers us, and how he calls us to forgive others, as well.

Key Verses: Luke 23:32-38

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God calls us to live generously — but how? In this sermon we very practically explore what it means to set aside a portion of our resources to give away to God’s spiritual work in our earthly world.

Key Verses: 2 Corinthians 9:6-15

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When we think about a life that is transformed by God’s grace, we cannot forget to think about the importance of being generous. In this sermon we look at Paul’s words to a growing church about giving and the role our hearts play in this grace-filled practice.

Key Verses: 2 Corinthians 8:1-9

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God has called his people to live in a way that reflects his sacrifice for us—putting aside an old nature that seeks to find what is most comfortable and convenient and instead putting on a new nature where his truth dominates our hearts. With Christ as our example, we want to be a church that demonstrates kindness with a tender heart through how we speak and live. 

Key Verses: Ephesians 4:17-32 

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God has made us with hearts that will never truly find meaning and purpose outside of him. This means that we are designed to move in spiritual directions. In this sermon, we look at the famous story of Zacchaeus and see how God draws us towards himself, and how he calls us to move towards him in return.

Key Verses: Luke 19:1-10

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As we begin a new year, we are taking several weeks to reflect look at some of the values that we strive for in our community of faith. In this sermon, we reflect on what it means to be a group of God’s people who worship together as a family.

Key Verses: 2 Chronicles 30:6-8

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