The week after Easter and now what?  While the Resurrection is the foundational belief of Christianity, what Jesus did after Easter is just as important - and often overlooked.  Join us this weekend as Adam Dressler examines Jesus' actions after he rose from the dead and shows how they speak to our lives today.

Scriptures:  Acts 1:3-11

Keywords:  Acts, Easter, Ascension, Prayer

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The Resurrection is the foundational belief within the Christian faith.  Without it, everything else falls.  Come celebrate Easter with us as Adam Dressler examines what Jesus finished (and began) when he rose from the grave.

Scriptures:  John 20:1-10

Keywords:  Easter, Jesus, Resurrection, John 20

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We’re reminded of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross every easter. We know He died for our sins, but we rarely embrace that truth in our everyday life as we attempt to earn God’s favor. Join Michael Bayne as he kicks off the Finished series and asks the simple question, was the cross really enough?

Scriptures:  John 19: 28-30 Hebrews 7:22-28 ESV

Keywords:  salvation, redemption, atonement, sin, forgiveness

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Pleasure.  Wisdom.  Work.  Wealth.  Everything has left the author of Ecclesiastes empty.  As he concludes his search for meaning, he finally arrives at something that will leave him satisfied.  Join Adam Dressler as we end our series and learn where true meaning for our lives can be found.

Scriptures:  Ecclesiastes 12:13-14

Keywords:  Meaning, Ecclesiastes, Fear of God, Worship, Conversion

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