Suffering alone is something no one wants to experience.  Having someone with you when you grieve is nice.  But having the right someone is critical.

Scriptures and Keywords:  Job 2:11-34, Friendship, Caring, Listening, Wisdom, Advice

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When we face disappointment and grief, we are not the only ones who suffer.  It affects all of our relationships and the people in our lives.  Perhaps it is our marriages that take the hardest hit.  In this message, we'll see how Job's suffering affected his relationship with his wife.

Scriptures and Keywords:  Job 2:4-6, Marriage, Job, Suffering, Pain, Divorce, Bitterness

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Most of us have had what we feel are Job experiences.  Job was called a "blameless man" by God, yet he suffered more than most of us could ever imagine.  Listen as Ron Edmondson introduces this character and begins a discussion of understanding suffering.

Scriptures and Keywords:  Job 1-2, Job, Sin, Tragedy, Trials, Righteous, God, Trust, Faith

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Even with an excellent production and great plan in place, there has to be more.  The thing that makes it all work is our volunteer base.  Listen as Ron and Chad explain the value of the volunteer.

Scriptures and Keywords:  Volunteer, Serve, Service, Church, Lasting Impression

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Following Jesus is risky business. Not only is that true for individuals, but it's also true for local churches. While out mission never changes, God's plan for accomplishing the mission often surprises us.

Scriptures and Keywords:  Luke 14:28-29, Joshua 3:5-8, 13-17, Missions, Local Church, Faith, Multi-Site, Church Planting

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