Join Michael Bayne as he closes out this series on Generosity by asking the question, “Why should I give to the church?”. What we learn when we look at Scripture is that our giving should be fueled by our belief!

Scriptures:  Matthew 16: 13-19

Keywords: Gracious, Giving, Generosity, Church, Excell

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God uses a generous heart. When we freely give our lives, our money and our resources to God he does amazing things with them. Unfortunately, that can be very difficult for us to do. Join Daron Dickens as he provides some practical help for moving to a place where we can live with a generous heart.

Scriptures:  1 Timothy 6: 9-10 & 17-19

Keywords: generous heart, finances, money, budget, giving, practical, tips, tithe, generosity, help

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It’s easy to want to be generous but it’s so difficult to put generosity into action. How do we become people who sacrificially give when we want to protect and guard what we have? Join Michael Bayne as he helps us understand how to cultivate generosity in our lives.

Scriptures:  Matthew 6:19-21 & 31-33

Keywords: giving, sacrifice, generosity, invest, serve, priority

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We all need money but many times it dominates and controls our lives. We never seem to have enough and we always want more. What could happen if we controlled the chaos and stopped allowing money to define our lives? Join Michael Bayne as he looks at the teachings of Jesus and the call to live generous, sacrificial lives.

Scriptures:  Luke 21:1-4

Keywords: money, giving, sacrifice, faith, generosity, greed

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