Following Jesus seems to be so difficult at times! This week we discover that God never leaves us to our own effort but rather fills us with a helper. Join us as we check out what the Bible says about the Holy Spirit. 


Scriptures: John 14:15-27

Keywords: Holy Spirit, Help, Guidance, Power, Direction


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What is at the center of the Christian faith?  This week, we see how Jesus is foundational for how we see God - and even how we see ourselves.

Scriptures: Colossians 1:15-22

Keywords: Jesus, Image, Colossians, Hope, New Creation, What We Believe


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One of the most difficult teachings of Christianity is the subject of sin.  This week, we look at how deep sin actually goes in our lives, but more importantly how God's love goes deeper.

Scriptures: Romans 3:9-18, Ecclesiastes 7:20

Keywords: Sin, Grace, Redemption, Romans, What We Believe, Ecclesiastes


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