Long before Jesus was born, God promised that a light would come into a dark world, and it would brighten whatever darkness it touched. In this sermon, we celebrate Christmas by remembering Jesus and the light that he brings to us, today.

Key Verses: Isaiah 9:2-7, John 1:1-5

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Everyone wants peace for their life, but it is often fleeting. In this sermon, we see how Jesus comes to make sense of our lives and offer us peace for living. 

Key Verses: Romans 8:18:28

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Preparing to celebrate Christmas, we will examine how Jesus became our Prince of Peace. When we live at peace with God, we are motivated to live a life that pleases him. However, the ancient struggle between our selfish nature and spiritual desires can make us miserable and distressed. Our only hope for salvation is in Jesus and the peace he promises us when we belong to Him. 

Key Verses: Romans 7:14-25, 8:1 

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The prophet Isaiah said that one of the ways the Messiah would come would be a “prince of peace.” As we prepare to celebrate Christmas, we will look at how Jesus comes to give us peace This week, we specifically look at how he gives us peace with God.

Key Verses: Romans 5:1-2

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