Healing and Real Change Can Only Come from Being Known

Scriptures: Psalm 139:1-16, 23-24

Keywords: Healing, Change, Known, Loved

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When Jesus was born, King Herod felt threatened by the arrival of the true king. In this sermon, we look at how Herod’s insecurities led him to try to get rid of the very person he needed most - and how we can avoid doing the same.

Scriptures: Matthew 2:1-4, 8-12, 16

Keywords: Christmas, Advent, Herod, Jesus, idols, fear, anxiety

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 In our second week of our Christmas series, we look at how Jesus’ lonely, poor, and humble birth created the foundation for the Kingdom of God.

Scriptures: Luke 2:1-7, 21

Keywords: humility, manger, Christmas, advent, baby, Jesus

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As we begin our Christmas series, we look at one of its most important details - the virgin birth. In this sermon, we’ll see what the virgin birth means and why it matters to us today.

Scriptures: Luke 1:26-38

Keywords: Christmas, advent, Jesus, virgin, incarnation, grace

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Won’t you be my neighbor? It’s a question many of us were asked growing up by a good television neighbor, Mr. Rogers. But this was a question that Jesus was calling His neighbors too long before it became popular by Fred Rogers. Jesus, Paul, and over and over again throughout scripture we’re called to be good neighbors, but what does it look like to be a good neighbor? Why is it so important? How can being a good neighbor remind us of our greatest neighbor Jesus, and lead others to know Him?

Scriptures: Matthew 22:36-40 36

Keywords: Neighbor, Jesus, John 4, Fred, Rogers, Love, Welcome, Impact, Encourage, Grace, Clarksville, TN, Community, Church

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