When suffering strikes us, it almost always leaves us feeling lonely and alone. In this sermon, we see how God can use our loneliness to move us closer to him.

Scriptures: Job 19:8-19

Keywords: suffering, sadness, loneliness, pain, grief, hope

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So often in the midst of suffering, we naturally rely on our own attempts to relieve the pain and discomfort only to discover that it doesn’t work.

Scriptures: Job 16:1-8

Keywords: Pain, Suffering, Dreams, Pleasure, Escape, Avoidance, Numbing, Childlike, Greatest dream

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When we encounter suffering, the first thing we usually question is God’s goodness. In this sermon, we we look at how we can believe in a good God in the midst of our pain.

Scriptures: Job 10:1-8

Keywords: suffering, pain, loss, goodness, sovereignty, Job, hope

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Suffering often leaves us with feelings of depression and anxiety. In this sermon, we look at why suffering causes these two emotions and how we can find hope in their midst.

Scriptures: Job 6:1-7, 7:1-6

Keywords: suffering, pain, sadness, depression, anxiety, hope, Job

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As we begin our series on Job, we look at why suffering exists in our world and, more importantly, how we face it when it comes near to us in painful and personal ways.
Scriptures: Job 3:20-26

Keywords: suffering, pain, disappointment, trials, tribulation, Job, peace, assurance


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