All of us need someone who has walked where we are walking to help us make decisions. Join Ron Edmondson as he looks at the story of Jethro's investment of wisdom into Moses' life.

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When things are going well, we assume God is with us. When things are falling apart, we think God must have abandoned us. But is that true? Join quest speaker Pete Wilson as he teaches from the perspective of Joseph.      Genesis 37:1 - 40:23

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Too many of us worry more about what we've done in our past than what we have the opportunity to do today.  To begin well is fine, but it's more important that we finish well.

Scriptures and Keywords:  Judges 13-16, Samson, Delilah, Legacy, Legend, Weakness, Sin, Strength

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Perhaps no one lived the role of an outsider better than John the Baptist.  His clothes.  His home.  His message.  But from the outside, he caused insiders to re-evaluate their lives.

Scriptures and Keywords:  Mark 1, John 1, Baptize, John the Baptist, Jesus, Forgiveness, New Life, Cleansing

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