In Judges 6, we are introduced to Gideon, whom the angel of the Lord greets as “Mighty Hero,” even though he is in hiding when their conversation begins. In this sermon, we will explore themes of fear, trusting God’s promises, and finding our identity in Christ.

Key Verses: Judges 6:11-16

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One of the most important things we can do as we follow Jesus is to obey what he asks us to do. In this sermon, we look at how we can obey God, and where obedience can lead us.

Key Verses: Matthew 7:24-29

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How do we stay connected to God and his love for us? The famous story of the Prodigal Son gives us some answers. In this sermon, we look at our great problem, the great results it creates, and the great way back to experiencing God and his love.
Key Verses: Luke 15:11-22
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It is impossible to follow Jesus without a deep and steady willingness to receive from him. Yet many of us avoid this willingness. In this sermon, we look at why Jesus asks us to receive from him, why we resist it, and how it can draw us into a closer relationship with him.

Key Verses: John 13:1-11

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How do we really change? God tells us that real change is possible. In this sermon, we see that change comes through a giving, a turning away, and an opening up. 

Key Verses: Romans 12:1-2

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