Most of us see the New Year as a fresh start and a new opportunity to make things different. Often that blank slate quickly gets filled with things that distract us from what really matters in life. Join Michael Bayne as he helps us fill in the blank slate of the New Year with the power of intentional prayer.

Scriptures:  1 Chronicles 4:9-10

Keywords: Prayer, Change, Faith, Future

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Thousands of years ago, God's people waited for the coming Messiah to give them light in the midst of darkness.  John describes the significance of God answering his people through Jesus in his very famous passage - John 1.  Join us this week as we celebrate our final Sunday of Advent by looking at how Jesus came to give us light and what that means for our lives today.

Scriptures:  John 1:1-5, 9-14

Keywords: Christmas, Advent, Jesus, John, Waiting, Hope

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As we continue to celebrate Christmas, we once again look back to God's people as they waited for the Messiah to come. We see that their story revolves around this foundational idea: freedom. Join Adam Dressler as he explores why freedom was so important to God's people and why we need that same freedom today.

Scriptures:  Isaiah 61:1-3

Keywords: Advent, Christmas, Waiting, Isaiah, Jesus, Sin, Freedom

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Everyone knows what it feels like to face injustice.  Other people wrong us.  They mistreat us and hurt us unfairly.  But it's not just other people that wrong us - we live in a world where we face wrong-doing every day.  How do we face these situations?  Join Adam Dressler as he continues our Advent series and explores how God addresses the injustices of our lives through Jesus.

Scriptures:  Isaiah 59:1-11, Psalm 62:5-8

Keywords: Christmas, Advent, Jesus, Justice, Isaiah, Salvation, Waiting

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As we enter this Christmas season, we will likely experience a lot of things - happiness, cheer, nostalgia, busy-ness, anxiety, and even sadness.  One of the most important things to experience in this season, though, is spiritual - God Himself.  This weekend, join Adam Dressler as he works through how we can experience something truly spiritual during this season through the unlikely discipline of waiting.

Scriptures:  Psalm 62

Keywords: Christmas, Advent, Waiting, Psalms, Patience, Hope

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Throughout the Gospels, we see Jesus continually calling his followers to complete surrender.  One of the ways that this call changes us is through our surrender to a generous life. But how do we practically practice generosity?  This weekend, Adam Dressler explores one of the Bible's most clear and compelling passages on this subject as we finish up our short series, For You Not From You.

Scriptures:  2 Corinthians 8:7-11, 8:3-5, 9:6-8

Keywords: Generosity,  Money, 2 Corinthians, Paul

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Many times when you are striving to follow Jesus it can seem like God is constantly calling us to do hard things. We often forget that God wants more for us then he wants from us. Join Michael Bayne as he unpacks the why behind the call God makes on us to embrace generosity with our money, time, and influence. 

Scriptures:  Mark 10:17-27

Keywords: sacrifice, generosity, giving, growth, mission 

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 As we conclude our series on the book of Ephesians, we see Paul ending his letter with an appeal to his readers about a controversial, but vital subject.  In many ways, nothing else that Paul has said makes sense without this last passage.  Join Adam Dressler this weekend as he closes our series and explores Paul's much-needed words on what the Christian life should look like.

Scriptures: Ephesians 6:10-20

Keywords: Spiritual warfare, devil, Paul, Ephesians, armor of God, prayer, spirituality, Christian life

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Many of us view work as something that we have to do in order to get money so we can do what really want to do.  But what if work was meant to give us more than money?  What if work actually has the power to shape us into who God ultimately wants us to be?  Join Adam Dressler this week as he examines what Paul said about work and how it can speak to us today.

Scriptures: Ephesians 6:5-9

Keywords: Work, Authority, Slaves, Masters, Ephesians, Paul

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Parenting can be challenging but let’s be honest, being a kid today can be just as hard. Join Michael Bayne this week as he continues our journey through Ephesians and unpacks how God longs to shape the story of our families.

Scriptures: Ephesians 6:1-4

Keywords: parenting, family, home, faith, legacy, kids

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