Over the last couple of months, we have gone through Biblical stories of people who encountered God in life-changing ways. This week, we close out our series by looking at John, whose knowledge of Jesus’ love for him informed his view of himself, of God, and of the world around him. We can learn a lot from John’s teachings if we are willing to recognize our need for God’s love and the purpose it offers.

Key Verses: 1 John 4:15-21

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Paul is one of the most accomplished people in the history of the world, and yet he never boasts of his successes. Instead, he boasts of his weaknesses and, more importantly, how he experienced God within them. In this sermon, we look at the importance of weaknesses, how God uses them in our lives, and how he uses them — for us and for the world.

Key Verses: 2 Corinthians 12:2-10


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How do you continue to experience God even when you have failed him? In this sermon, we look at Peter and his betrayal of Jesus, and then how Jesus heals him, restores him, and calls him from a place of love.

Key Verses: John 21:15-19

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During a time of transition and upheaval, God comes to Isaiah in a vision, and calls him to be a prophet. But first Isaiah must pass through several revelations about God and himself. In this sermon, we look at what Isaiah saw and how it can show us what an experience with God can mean for us today.

Key Verses: Isaiah 6:1-8

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