This Sunday we look at God's gracious call to compassion for the world around us as we also announce our partnership with Compassion International.

Scriptures: Micah 6:6-8

Keywords: Compassion, justice, peace, gospel, wholeness, poverty, compassion international

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When Jesus walks on water, he shows us more than just a miracle - he shows us how God cares for us when we experience trials. 

Scriptures: Mark 6:45-52

Keywords: Mark, Jesus, water, faith, discipleship, spiritual growth, trials, suffering

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As we continue in the book of Mark we find Jesus comes in contact with 2 people, each in desperate need of help, and each responding with overwhelming faith in Him. What does their story show us about what our faith should ultimately be put in, and what does that faith do for our lives?

Scriptures: Mark 5:21-43

Keywords: Faith, Hope, Mark, Mark 5, Trust, God’s Plan, God’s Timing, God’s Goodness

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In the presence of a storm-filled sea, Jesus shows how much he cares for us by hearing our questions, and asking us a few of his own.

Scriptures: Mark 4:35-41

Keywords: Mark, Jesus, story, boat, sea, fear, faith, suffering

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Jesus uses a powerful story to show us how our hearts grow best towards him.

Scriptures: Mark 4:1-9

Keywords: Mark, soil, seed, sower, parable, spiritual growth, heart



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Jesus says there is only one sin that God will not forgive.  In this sermon we look at the "unforgivable sin" of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.

Scriptures: Mark 3:22-30

Keywords: Mark, Holy Spirit, unforgivable sin, scribes, pride


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When Jesus is confronted with the most religious of his day he responds with a truth that brings the good news of his arrival along with the freedom to pursue him without tradition or burden.

Scriptures: Mark 2:18-28

Keywords: Sabbath, fasting, disciples, pharisees, religion, gospel

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What is our greatest need? Jesus not only reveals but also meets our greatest need - to be forgiven. 

Scriptures: Mark 2:1-12

Keywords: Forgiveness, grace, love, Mark, Jesus, paralytic, faith

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In this sermon, we see how Jesus' announcement of the kingdom is backed up by a unique kind of authority - one that serves others in their deepest places of need.

Scriptures: Mark 1:21-34
Keywords: Authority, healing, unclean spirits, humility, service, Jesus, Mark

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As Jesus begins his public ministry, he shows us two of the most important practices in our relationship with God, and how they can change our lives.

Scriptures: Mark 1:14-20
Keywords: Repentance, belief, Mark, Jesus, fishermen, Kingdom of God

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