There is a true and forever joy that is found only in Christ and we have an opportunity to live in joyful response to the abundance of God. This joy begins with our trust in Him, and grows as we know him more.

Scriptures: Psalm 126:1-6

Keywords: Joy, Hope, Trust, Psalms, Anticipation

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What does it mean to be blessed by God?  In this sermon we look at Numbers 6 and see how God blesses us with what we need most - his willingness to be near to us.

Scriptures: Numbers 6:22-27

Keywords: blessing, peace, kindness, Aaron, Numbers, security, grace

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The Bible is full of stories of people who heard God's voice.  In this sermon we look at why we struggle to hear God's voice and how to cultivate an ability to hear from him.

Scriptures: Isaiah 58:6-12

Keywords: God's voice, guidance, spiritual growth, Isaiah

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We can all agree that love is big, beautiful, important, life changing, but when it comes to loving in the way that Jesus loves us, and calls us to love, we don’t all agree how. We all have a measure of how we love people, a specific standard for who we will give our love to, and how much, but at some point we all fall short of our own standard of love, and at some point we will question the love God has for us too. How can we begin to truly understand love, and the measure of love we are supposed to give?

Scriptures: Luke 19:1-7 

Keywords: Love, Measure, Zacchaeus, People, God, Grace

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Paul concludes his thoughts on personal growth with one, chiefly important truth: God loves us.  In this sermon we see how believing this truth can help us truly change.

Scriptures: Romans 8:31-39 

Keywords: love, acceptance, Paul, Romans, growth

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In this sermon, we see how the Spirit helps us grow through our weaknesses.  He intercedes for us and gives us a deep and hopeful assurance of God’s will.

Scriptures: Romans 8:26-30 

Keywords: change, growth, intercession, prayer, assurance, Spirit, help, Romans


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Suffering and Pain is not meaningless, it carries with it the hope of future glory. The divine intention for creation and us is not death, it is new life.

Scriptures: Romans 8:18-25 

Keywords: Suffering, Hope, Promises, Glory, Creation


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Jesus promises us a powerful reality: that, through his work, God adopts us into his family.  In this sermon we see how the Spirit helps us realize this truth and, because of it, leads us to change.

Scriptures: Romans 8:12-17 

Keywords: growth, guidance, adoption, spiritual formation, Romans, identity

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Paul shows us that how we think determines how we life.  With the Spirit’s help, we can change how we think, which leads to change in how we live.

Scriptures: Romans 8:5-11 

Keywords: change, growth, Spirit, formation, Romans, Paul, flesh, mind

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God’s Spirit reminds us that there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus - we are pardoned and set free.  From this place of freedom, we can now experience the Holy Spirit’s constant help in our growth.

Scriptures: Romans 8:1-4 

Keywords: change, growth, Paul, Romans 8, condemnation, shame, Holy Spirit, freedom

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